Nancy Holmes Avalos shared her story about her experience as a kid in La Puente -- she writes....
Just a memory:
I remember it was maybe 1969-1971 sometime and my brother and I were riding bikes at FOOD GIANT on Amar and Willow. When I was going around the palm tree planter in the front entry of Food Giant, I cut in between the grocery store and Thriftys following my brother, when I almost ran into a man who caught my bike by the handlebars and stopped me dead in my tracks..... scared me to death. I looked up at him and it was Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space)...I gasped for breath, and my brother who was ahead of me had to come back for me, he looked at the man, with his mouth wide open, I hollared, "you're on Lost in Space!!!" As loud as ever. Johnathan Harris put his index finger to his mouth and said, "Sshhhh"... and he patted me on the head and walked past. Wow!!! That was amazing! We forgot all about our ride and we just stood there and everyone that walked by us we told them, "the guy from Lost in Space was just here!" We got some smiles and a few nods of the head.... that was so exciting. We rode home and told our mom.